This years edition of “Fox News says there is a WAR on Christmas”. (via Sh*t Superman would say…if he was a political pundit.)

EVERY fucking December, we go through this bullshit. Yeah, kiddies, that’s right…Bill O’Reilly’s annual bug up his ass about the so-called “war” on Christmas.
Who gives a flying fuck in hell whether you wish someone “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays”, really? What we SHOULD be up in arms about is this made-up holiday black people call Kwanzaa. You know WHY they celebrate Kwanzaa, don’t you?
Because blacks think Christmas is the WHITE MAN’S holiday. That’s why.
Anyway, read this blog…and make up your OWN fucking mind.

Look I get as angry as the next white male christian when someone smugly tells me "Happy Holidays". (This happens a lot in no on goes to church Seattle) But that does not mean there is a concerted effort to end Christmas. John Stewart(a jew) take it away……. Here.   … Read More

via Sh*t Superman would say…if he was a political pundit.

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