How To Love The Beatles (via Playtonic Dialogues)

I reblog out of LOVE, folks. Sometimes I find blogs that make me want to SHARE them with the world.
This is ONE of them.
On this, the 30th anniversary of John Lennon’s death, I invite you all to read this blog (courtesy of Playtonic Dialogues) which tries to explain why–40 years after the breakup–Beatlemania AIN’T dead.
Pay attention, people.

How To Love The Beatles By Michael Sokil Nitsuh Abebe's article "How To Hate The Beatles" is a crime against reason, good taste and the considered opinion of mankind. If I were merely a layperson – a casual Beatles fan peripherally conversant in their work –  I would find the piece stunningly provocative. However, as the world's preeminent Beatles fan, peerless in my knowledge of Beatles ephemera, I find Abebe's piece simply abominable. After due deliberation, here is m … Read More

via Playtonic Dialogues

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