The Most Important Aspect of the WikiLeaks Debate (via Derek DeVries – Imprudent Loquatiousness)

Just when I begin to think I’m the ONLY voice screaming against the hypocrisy of our society in America…I find someone ELSE who can explain things BETTER than I ever could.
If you can get past the “wonk-ese” language of this guy and some of his commenters, there ARE points to be made as to the whole WikiLeaks brouhaha. Take time to read MY comment comparing Julian Assange to Daniel Ellsberg. (Believe me, they’re connected…more than ANY of you will ever know. I’m old enough to actually REMEMBER the Pentagon papers case…)
Anyway, have fun reading this blog.

The Most Important Aspect of the WikiLeaks Debate There's a lot of thoughtful discussion going on about Julian Assange and WikiLeaks in light of the publication of the 250,000 cables between the US and other foreign governments.  Some of the best I've read comes from Clay Shirky ("WikiLeaks and the Long Haul"), Jeff Jarvis ("WikiLeaks: Power Shifts From Secrecy to Transparency") Evan Hansen ("Why WikiLeaks is Good for America") and Ethan Zuckerman ("Why Amazon Caved, and What it Means for the Re … Read More

via Derek DeVries – Imprudent Loquatiousness

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