Moral cowardice (see Olbermann, Keith)

     Score one for the religious fascists running America these days. No moreCountdown” after tonight.

     You read that right, people. Keith Olbermann finally gave up the ghost. Maybe he saw the train wreck coming.

     And by “train wreck”, I’m referring to the Justice Department signing off on the takeover of NBC Universal by Comcast. Anybody who thinks MSNBC (let alone NBC News) won’t exist in its present form as a result of this, is a fucking idiot. Here’s what you should know:

     Brian Roberts, the CEO of Comcast, contributed heavily to Georgie Bush Junior’s re-election campaign in ’04. Right there is the proof you need, to see why Olbermann bailed out on America tonight. Perhaps he realized the new regime coming in to run the news division has already decided he doesn’t fit the “new” MSNBC.

     The end of journalism in this country as we’ve come to know it, just had its opening salvo fired tonight. Watch and see…

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