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Moral cowardice (see Olbermann, Keith)

     Score one for the religious fascists running America these days. No moreCountdown” after tonight.

     You read that right, people. Keith Olbermann finally gave up the ghost. Maybe he saw the train wreck coming.

     And by “train wreck”, I’m referring to the Justice Department signing off on the takeover of NBC Universal by Comcast. Anybody who thinks MSNBC (let alone NBC News) won’t exist in its present form as a result of this, is a fucking idiot. Here’s what you should know:

     Brian Roberts, the CEO of Comcast, contributed heavily to Georgie Bush Junior’s re-election campaign in ’04. Right there is the proof you need, to see why Olbermann bailed out on America tonight. Perhaps he realized the new regime coming in to run the news division has already decided he doesn’t fit the “new” MSNBC.

     The end of journalism in this country as we’ve come to know it, just had its opening salvo fired tonight. Watch and see…


Who do we Nationals fans blame?



He’s in Chicago NOW?

     I have to tell you, it was just a tad discomforting to see Adam Dunn‘s appearance in Chicago, putting on his White Sox jersey.

     All this did was serve as a reminder that the Nationals continue to fuck up as an organization. But the question is, who do we Nats fans blame? Stan Kasten? Mike Rizzo?

     Nope…you blame the owners. That’s right, the Lerner family.

     You see, I read Thomas Boswell‘s column today in our local paper (though he’s syndicated through the Washington Post), and it made sense to me. The anger/frustration/contempt Nats fans are feeling right now shouldn’t be directed solely at Kasten or Rizzo (or both). Because the Lerners (and Ted Lerner in particular) refuse to pony up the money to make the Nats a player in the National League, we’re doomed to permanent mediocrity.

     This despite having a lineup that would make the fans proud. Starting with this guy…Ryan Zimmerman.

This, AND Silver Sluggers, too!!

 Certainly there are others I’m willing to name: Danny Espinosa, Ian Desmond, Roger Bernadina, Nyjer Morgan, even Stephen Strasburg too. All of them worthy of our respect.

     But this is about the Lerners, and why we Nats fans are doomed to permanent mediocrity.

     All summer long, Nats fans clamored for the front office to “SIGN ADAM DUNN!!!“…and they did nothing. Then once the season ended, we begged them to “SIGN ADAM DUNN!!!“…again, nothing. So what happens? You offer arbitration to Adam…and he signs with the White Sox!!

     We’ve been fucked twice in this town (baseball-wise) by greedy owners. Now we’re stuck with a group of stingy owners in the Lerners. 2 more years of this shit, and I’m ready to ask for drastic measures…like what happened in Tampa a few years ago.

     Short version of the story: the (then-) Devil Rays ownership let the team rot for the first 10 years of their existence. Then the minority owner ousted the majority owner in a coup d’etat in late ’07, and made changes all around. (One was dropping “Devil” from the name.) Guess what happened? Can you say “World Series appearance”, boys and girls?

     All of which brings me to James Brown–the sportscaster, that is (who’s from D.C. originally). He happens to be one of the minority owners of the Nationals. Al that should be happening is for J.B. (and the other minority owners) to do something similar here if things don’t improve in the next 2 years. I mean, something has to give, right?

     Goddamned right it does.

     In the meantime…WE NEED A FUCKING FIRST BASEMAN NOW!!! Find us one next week, during the winter meetings!!! Can you do that right, Rizzo?? Well?? CAN you?