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A sad day in Redskins history…and I’M DISGUSTED!!

In all the years of following the Redskins–and for me, it goes back to 1967 (when I was 9)–I always believed this franchise to be storied and respected.
Today, I’m ashamed to call myself a Redskins fan.
I’ve written here about it earlier today…Radio Free Ashburn…but I can go into greater (and more profane) detail here.
By now the sports world knows about how Donovan McNabb had his dignity and character stripped away from him courtesy of Mike Shanahan. In plain English, a backup this Sunday…and HOLDING A FUCKING CLIPBOARD the remaining 2 games. I can’t even make this funny…

Pull the trigger, NOW!!!

…I’m THAT fucking disgusted!!
But I now understand what L.A. Clippers fans have had to endure from the fucked-up ownership of Donald Sterling…what it’s like to watch Wayne Huizenga destroy the Dolphins the way he destroyed the Marlins…and CERTAINLY how Orioles fans have felt since the racketerring troll, Peter Angelos has destoyed THAT once-proud franchise. Because today, the belief I’ve held for quite some time that Dan Snyder has placed a PERMANENT curse of the Washington Redskins has become fact.

Now don't you feel ashamed of yourselves?

I’d love to go on with this blog, but I can’t. There’s just so many emotions flowing through my mind…and NONE of them are happy, either!!

Yes, me in a Redskins jacket.

God, I want to crawl in a hole and puke right now.

Kiss and make up?

Lo and behold, we hear today Donovan McNabb signed a $68 million extension with the Redskins. This AFTER the debacle in Detroit 2 weeks ago–when he was pulled in the last 2 minutes because (allegedly) he can’t run a 2-minute offense in Mike Shanahan’s offense.
Go figure…

Yes, me in a Redskins jacket.

Anyway, now the question is going into tonight’s game…has Dan Snyder overpaid YET AGAIN?
Should we Redskins fans be in panic mode YET AGAIN?

Don't do it...yet!!!

Welcome to OUR private hell, everybody.