WHY do people choose to ignore history?

Don't laugh, people. This really IS me!

Pull the trigger, NOW!!!

     Now that we’ve seen Barry Obama sell out his OWN party by knuckling under to pressure…perhaps it’s time we take a moment and really make the attempt to understand American history. I forgot who it was that said “Those who fail to learn from the mistakes of history…are doomed to repeat them” (or something like that), but it seems apropos as we approach the Christmas season.

     For starters, let’s begin with these words, shall we? “Congress shall make no laws regarding the establishment of religion, nor the abridgement of freedom of the press…” Sound familiar? It should. It’s the first two lines of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

     But because asshole voters like the vast MAJORITY of you voted to hand the House of Representatives over (come January) to a group of religious fascists who want to establish a fucking THEOCRACY…therefore violating the Establishment Clause…we’re now going to have 2 more years of gridlock in Washington. Wonderful. WHAT a fucked-up country.

     You would think we’d learned something from the last time you had a Republican-controlled House. (You know, trying to shut down the government and all that.) I guess not. Impeaching Bill Clinton over…a blowjob?? This is “high crimes and misdemeanors”? Okay, for the record, it said perjury and obstruction of justice. But honestly, what exactly did “Slick Willie” lie and obstruct about? A fucking BLOWJOB!!

     (Christ, Georgie Bush Junior did far worse to this country…like ignoring the warning signs that led to 9/11. THAT’S an impeachable crime, motherfuckers.)

     I’m sorry, you get distracted after awhile. Where was I?

     Oh, right.

     Whether you agreed or disagreed with Ross Perot, understand this: 18% of American voters–roughly 1 in 5, including myself–were repulsed by the (so-called) two-party system to vote for the man in ’92. (And again in ’96.) In fact…and this is full disclosure on my part…it’s why many of them joined the Reform Party. Think Jesse Ventura winning the governorship in Minnesota was a fluke? Sorry, the joke was on America.

     But where the Reform Party failed, has nothing to do with Perot per se. Rather, it failed because they refused to be self-sustaining…and also because they were stupid enough to float Pat Buchanan in 2000 for the Presidency. (That led me to resign from the Reform Party, btw.) Nevertheless, Perot did prove that a viable 3rd (and perhaps, 4th) major party can work in this country.

     (And no, Tea Partiers don’t count. You’re fucking anarchists, terrorists, etc.)

     I should mention at this point, I happen to be an independent voter. Have been ever since I was old enough to vote. (And, never changed my voter registration…even while I belonged to the Reform Party. Hey, I ain’t stupid…lol) Every November I fill out my own name on the ballot–even in ’08 for President. My silent protest against the political process.

     (Speaking of which, they just showed a clip of Bernie Sanders–the independent U.S. Senator from Vermont, who by his own admission is a socialist–doing a 1-man filibuster on the Senate floor against this Barry Obama sell-out economic package. This ain’t Jimmy Stewart on a movie set, gang; this is reality television!!)

     Anyway, once again I get distracted.

     Why are we given only 2 choices on everything? Certainly there are other options, aren’t they?

     I better stop now. I’m losing my train of thought. You try to sort this out…lol


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